Here are some of the testimonials          about my 3 hr class.

“Thank you Training Tree for the invaluable first aid training!! As a mum of 2 little ones I’ve always worried that I wouldn’t always know what to in an emergency. Through this incredibly engaging and informative training session with Rachel I quickly became confident in knowing what I would need to do in many emergency situations plus important signs to look out for when my children are ill.” – Emma Cook

“I have a 16 month old son & had no knowledge of first aid until I attended this training. It exceeded my expectations – brilliant! Life saving skills taught by a friendly, down to earth, caring, approachable & inspiring lady.
The training covered CPR, chocking, burns, meningitis & much much more!
I would highly recommend this training to any parents or grandparents.
Thank you so much for teaching me how to potentially save my babies life… I will always remember the vital skills I learnt, although I hope I will never need to use them :-)” – Charlie Vince

“What a fabulous course and absolutely vital for all mums dads , grandparents and carers!
Covered everything I wanted and more and was taught in a relaxed , fun way but completely professional and so informative , definitely recommend to all .” – Kate Woodhams

I’m so glad I did it, I no longer have the worry of “what if my child chokes” as now I would know what to do and thats a huge worry of my shoulders as a parent . — Jane Wright

Excellent teaching in a friendly and relaxed environment. I would recommend to everyone I know, invaluable life saving skills taught in a fun class. Rachel’s expertise made me feel well informed and she got everyone involved in hands on practicals with her CPR and choking demonstrations. Covered everything a parent might worry about! This is something everyone looking after children should do, sadly you don’t realise you need to know first aid until it’s too late. Thank you so much Rachel!! – Jodie Sullivan

Hi Rachel, thank you for the further learning links you sent me.  It was good to meet you and I really enjoyed the class, it went very quickly.  I do feel better equipped to deal with situations now, although I still hope I never have to!  I shall re-read the handouts and take a look at the videos so that I can build my confidence – sadly memory is not what it was!
I am so glad I did the course with you, it was very good and I hope you continue to encourage and instruct lots more people.  Thanks again, best wishes, Angie Jones (Grandma to be)